About Me


RIchard Haga

Special Education
Senior Class Advisor

My name is Richard (Rick) Haga and I am originally from a small community called Glendale, OR. I am 47 years old and have been married for 27 years with 27 and 28 year old daughters. I received my History degree at American Public University, my History Teaching Credential at a Brandman University and my Masters Degree in Special Education from National University.  I am currently teaching TPP (Career), History and English and helping a friend with his website/eCommerce store. 


I have always loved history and I want to show the kids that there is more to history than memorizing wars and what occurred between them. History is not only about our heritage and culture; it’s about who and what we do each and every day. It’s the Why question that is one of the most important questions. Why do you drive to school the way you do? Why do you like one political party over the other? Why do you do anything and everything? There is history there. As humans, we say that we learn from our mistakes. Isn’t that us learning from history?? It only takes us once to know that the stove can be hot and that fire burns. We are learning from our own history.

I have some experience with computers and networking and often get asked to assist with people here at PSHS. Some of my experiences with computers include things such as being a Network Administrator for a retail company for 5 years that allowed me work with 5 different Windows servers based in different locations around Southern California, and 25-30 workstations. I was also fortunate to be able to assist in upgrade/convert the Point Of Service software that the company was still using in 2011 that was a DOS based system to a Windows system (yes it was DOS and I couldn't believe it either).

Prior to that I worked with Motorola and handled their Land & Mobile Radios and had just started getting into Microwave for Data Systems when I went back to school to become a teacher.

When it comes to computers, I want to show to these kids that the use of Smartphones and Computers is more than just playing games and social networking.


With this Unique School year, I want to make sure that our students
have all the tools that they need to succeed in life outside of school